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Paying by Credit Card
Notes about our Secure Payment Process


Have you ever wondered what happens during an on-line Credit Card transaction?

Most internet traders, like us, entrust the gathering of Credit Card Payment details to a recognised institution. In most cases you are not aware of this, as the web pages have the same look and feel.

Heres what you will see, and where you will be, in our payment process.
When you click on the Add to Basket or View Basket button, you will be connected to our Shopping Cart Service Provider - Roman cart. This is a secure site.
If you Continue to Shop, you will alternate between our site and the Roman Cart site as you Add to Basket. Click on any button which says View Basket to return to your shopping cart.

When you click on the Checkout button on the Shopping Cart, you will be requested to enter your Name, address and other information.
This happens on the Roman Cart secure server.

When you Submit the information, you are then connected to our Payment Services Provider, PROTX. This is where you submit your credit Card Details. This, of course, is a secure site.

We followed the recommendations of our Business Bank and selected PROTX. We selected Roman Cart because of its simplicity.

You will see the ideasforgardens “Ideas Genie - Software for Plant Lovers”  logo at the top of all pages in the Shopping Cart and Payment Process. If you are only buying Bonsai Genie, dont be alarmed at this. Bonsai Genie shares the same Shopping Cart and Payment Service Provider as Ideas Genie.

You will also see a Lock displayed in your Task bar. This signifies that the web pages taking your details are Secure Locations.

Please note: Your Card details are NOT revealed to us

When you complete your payment, a confirmation email is automatically sent to you, and to us.

We then issue a personal email to every customer, advising when their items will be despatched, and offering support to you, our valued customer.

Thank you for supporting our Software Projects

N. Ireland

We hope this gives you the confidence to     BUY NOW

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