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Product Description and Screen Shots

What is Bonsai Genie

 Bonsai Genie is:

  • Software for Bonsai Enthusiasts
  • for recording Plant Names (Add, edit, delete)
  • for recording specimens ( details of plants in your collection, where and when purchased etc)
  • for recreating your Gardens, Garden Areas and Display Areas on computer
  • for linking Photos to Plants and/or individual specimens
  • for linking Photos to Garden Areas and Display Areas
  • for printing annotated photos (text about the plant, the specimen or the photo)
  • for planning tasks, task dates and notes (Prune, Re-pot etc)
  • for recording events, event dates and notes (Pruned, re-potted etc)
  • for documenting your Pot collection, Pot Photos, Pot Suppliers, Pot materials and country of origin.
  • for recording Pot history (per plant specimen and per pot)
  • for people who wish to record details gleaned from books and the internet on how to care for their plants.
  • good for saving links to favourite web sites (can be organised by plant name, collector name etc)
  • good for easily revisiting web sites.
  • Built on Ideas Genie Pro technology (See Our Software Products) and
    Comparing our Software for Gardeners and Plant Lovers
  • you WILL get help if you ask.

System Requirements
Suitable for Home Computer or Laptop running Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Using Bonsai Genie
You click an icon on the desktop to start Bonsai Genie.
The Program Selection screen is displayed
See Screenshot

The Selection screen shows a subset of commonly used programs.
The system has additional programs e.g. System programs to help you manage Backups and Restores
ALL programs can be run from the Menu.

Recording plants in Garden Areas, with photos and info.
See Screenshot

Recording and viewing plant names, plant photos and info (from Forums, the internet, Magazines and Books)
See Screenshot

Add, edit and delete the names of plants you like, and plants recommended by friends
See Screenshot

Making virtual Gardens and Garden Areas (Specimen Display Areas, borders, beds)
See Screenshot

Configuration Options for Gardens and Garden Areas
First Screenshot    Second Screenshot

Editing a Bonsai Display Area. Note that you can have notes for each Display Area (for reminders, Printouts etc)
See Screenshot

Linking photos to plants
This set of 8 screenshots show you the process to select a photo, a plant, and then a specimen of that plant.
The specimen is then linked to the photo.
See Screenshots
Look out for these features:
You can select an existing plant, or add a new plant.
You can rename the photo. Click on the Suggest button. Bonsai Genie derives a unique file name, based on the name of the plant you have selected. Click Rename.
When a photo is selected from a folder, the folder name is stored in your database.
You can use Thumbnails to explore the folder from within this program, and select additional photos for linking.

Linking photos to garden areas
If you click on Garden Photo above, you get this screen
See Screenshot
You then use the Gardener and Garden Areas pop-up to make a selection.
When you have matched the Gardener and Garden Area to the Photo, click Link

With Bonsai Genie you can:
View plants, gardens and photos on SWAP Library CD's
(Yes, you can explore ANY Plants database created by other users of the software!)

A Mini Master database is installed when you install the software.
This Master database has over 36,000 plants for you to choose from.
Copy plants from this Master database to your own Bonsai Genie database on hard disc.

Will I get help if I'm stuck?
Yes.  We take pride in our personalized customer support, and we like to hear about your gardening and your collection.
You will be invited to participate in our exclusive “Ideas Genie Community” forum.
There’s a special board on that forum for Bonsai Genie.

Options for buying Bonsai Genie:

1) Buy Bonsai Genie with a licence
2) Buy a 6 month Evaluation licence, try before you buy a Full Licence.
The Evaluation licence allows full unrestricted access to all Bonsai Genie programs and features.

Note: Bonsai Genie has inbuilt restrictions until registered.
You are restricted to adding a maximum of 20 plants and photos.

You register Bonsai Genie using a licence key.

Getting a licence:
If you choose option 1) above, your Licence Key will be shown on the CD Case.
If you choose option 2) above, then later proceed to buy, a Licence key will be emailed to you on receipt of payment.

If you wish to to use Bonsai Genie on a computer which HAS an internet connection:
You register Bonsai Genie on the internet using a special Bonsai Genie program

If you wish to use Bonsai Genie on a computer which DOES NOT HAVE an internet connection:
You can register by an exchange of emails (contact us for more information)


Its well worth a try, and its VERY reasonably priced


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