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Introducing the Master Database

The Master Database is built using Ideas Genie Pro and Bonsai Genie.

An empty database is created when you install Bonsai Genie.
This is for you to create your own personal plants and specimens database.

The software allows you to open any Ideas Genie or Bonsai Genie database.
The screenshot below shows the Master Database opened in the Bonsai Genie software.

We’ve gone off the rails a little and used the software to create a “Garden” in the database called Bonsai Interest.
In that Garden, we’ve created a Garden Area called Plants for Bonsai.
We’ve then added plants to that Garden Area and linked them to photos.

In the screenshot, note how you can copy plants from the Master Database into your own (initially empty) database.
In your own database, you will create your own Garden and Garden Areas and add your own Bonsai specimens to the garden areas. You can link photos to the specimens, as shown below.

You can see some of the photos in the Master Database in our Gallery of Photos

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