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Website last updated 5th February 2024

Our software products fall into three categories

  1. Software for Gardeners
  2. Software for Bonsai enthusiasts
  3. Personal Finance Software
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All our software works with Windows 11 (and older versions of course)

1. Software for Gardeners (2 items)
Ideas Genie Pro - Software for Plants and Gardens (and Plant Lovers)
Copyright © 2001-2024
Works with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

  • Record keeping software for the very keen Amateur Gardener or Professional
  • To allow you to create your own Plants database
  • Record the locations of your plants in your garden.
  • Link your own photos to your plants and Garden areas.
  • Design and print Plant Labels
  • Print reports
  • Get your garden online- easily create Web Pages and Web Projects
  • no need to learn HTML etc for creating your website.
    All that fancy work is done by Ideas Genie.
  • Use our free website hosting to Ideas Genie customers for publishing your garden online.
    We are only too willing to help you. Its easy!
  • Good for documenting Gardens open to the public. Tour document can be printed.
  • Special consideration for handling the complexities of botanical Plant names (Hybrids, groups, series, grex,  Trade designations, Plant breeder rights, Collector names, Author names, etc, etc!)
  • Aligned with the indexing in the RHS Plant Finder (that is NOT easy!)

    and... Much much more!

Flower Genie - Software for Amateur Gardeners
Copyright © 2005-2024
This software allows you to quickly add plants to create your own plants database

  • link photo to plants
  • link photos to garden areas
  • Will accept any form of plant name.
  • Correctly formed Botanical names can be entered but are not essential in this forgiving software.
  • Build up your wish list, document the plants you have bought, take (or get) photos
  • create gardens and garden areas on your computer
  • link your plants to the garden areas.
  • Allows you to store basic plant information, yet the essentials. 
  • Allows a gentle and gradual introduction to the complexities of horticulture.

2. Software for Bonsai enthusiasts
Bonsai Genie - Software for the Bonsai Enthusiasts
Copyright ©  2006-2024

  • This product is Ideas Genie Pro, plus a number of special programs to deal with the specialities of the Bonsai world.
  • Ideas Genie Pro was adapted because it already has the features for recording tasks (jobs to do) and events (jobs done) based on plant care - the essentials of Bonsai recording.
  • The Master Database has a special section for plants suitable for Bonsai.

3. Personal Finance Software (2 items)
so you don’t pay for what you don’t need

Bank Genie 6 - Software for Personal Finances
Copyright © 2004-2024
Only £22.95 GBP as a Download

  • This Personal Finance Software is ideal for those who wish to keep track of their expenditure, and remain within their bank account limits.
  • Manage and analyse the transactions made in your Bank Accounts and Credit Card accounts
  • You will recover you investment in this easy software when you avoid just one extortionate charge made by your bank

Bank Genie Pro 6 - Software for Bank Account Management
Copyright © 2004-2024
£29.95 as a download (without Investments feature)
£34.99  as a download (WITH investments recording feature)

  • This Money Management Software includes all the programs in Bank Genie 4 plus more features and more programs.
  • This is by far our most popular product.
  • By setting your preferences, this software allows the user to switch features individually on or off, thus making it suitable for those whose requirements are for something simple to keep check on their personal finances and also for those who have more exacting requirements from a Money Management software.
  • Now allows recording of Investments
    (OPTIONAL - you save £5 if you need the Pro version but don’t need to record Investments)