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Our Garden Software Products

Garden software, gardening software, software for gardeners,
Plant database software, software for Plant Lovers. Call it what you will.

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We offer graded Gardening Software packages, Amateur, Mid Range, Professional



Flower Genie® - Software for Amateur Gardeners
Copyright © 2005-2022
This software allows you to quickly add plants in any old way you please, and link them to digitial photos. Build up your wish list, document the plants you have bought, take (or get) photos, create gardens and garden areas on your computer, and link your plants to the garden areas. If you use Gardening Forum’s, swap your database (on CD) with your cyber friends.

Its powerful and practical enough for most amateur gardeners.

Allows you to store basic plant information, yet the essentials.  Allows a gentle and gradual introduction to the complexities of horticulture.

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Ideas Genie - Software for Plant Lovers
This popular item has now been merged with our top of the range product, Ideas Genie Pro.
Ideas Genie Pro 6 - Software for Plants and Gardens
Copyright ©2001-2022
Garden Software for the very keen Amateur Gardener or Professional
Launched at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show in Seattle USA in Feb 2003, with upgrades over the years culminating in the release of Version 6 in May 2015.
This item was re-launched at Garden Show Ireland 2015.
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Bonsai Genie - Software for Bonsai Enthusiasts
Bonsai Genie is a derivative of Ideas Genie Pro, so its a very high spec. product.
Plants are treated as specimens. The sophisticated Tasks and Events features in IG Pro are ideal for Bonsai record keeping. Extra programs, over and above IG Pro, are developed to allows the user to build a registry of Pots (sizes, materials, origin, photos etc) and to allow full tracking of Pot history. Very srong on photos and internet links. You can record as many collections as you wish.
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